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Why Conserve Your Land

Your land has special meaning to you and your family. Conserving your land can give you peace of mind that it is protected for future generations, while also providing significant benefits to the public.

The many benefits of land conservation include:

  • conserving habitat for plants and animals
  • improving water and air quality
  • providing access to the outdoors
  • preserving important scenic, historic or cultural features
  • protecting farms and forestlands that provide food, supplies and define the character of the region
  • supporting local communities through enhanced tourism and improved health
  • combating climate change by increasing carbon sequestration, preserving habitat for plants and animals, and providing protection from flood and drought
  • significant federal and state tax benefits may be available for qualified donations of conservation easements and land, and;
  • satisfaction in knowing that your land is permanently protected and that you are part of a community of dedicated landowners who recognize the value of land conservation for future generations.

We can assist you in developing your vision for conserving your land. For more information, contact us at conserve@mctga.org; 706 253 4077.

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