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Our Education Program

The Mountain Conservation Trust of Georgia provides a wide variety of educational opportunities that enhance environmental awareness. Throughout the year, MCTGA hosts a series of events that include:

Guest Lecture Series Environmental Stewardship
Guest Lecture Series
Fall Annual Meeting & Picnic
Environmental Workshops
Long Swamp Creek Fish Sampling


Guided Hikes
Guided Adventure Outings
Burnt Mountain Hike


Recent Events

MCTGA appreciates the efforts of many who assist with the planning and participate in our various educational program events.  Highlights include:

  1. Guest Lectures:  Janisse Ray, author of three books of literary nonfiction, including the acclaimed Ecology of a Cracker Childhood was the keynote speaker at our Fall Annual Meeting & Picnic.  Ray has won a Southeastern Booksellers Award 1999, an American Book Award 2000, the Southern Environmental Law Center 2000 Award for Outstanding Writing, and a Southern Book Critics Circle Award 2000. Ecology of a Cracker Childhood was a New York Times Notable Book and was chosen as the Book All Georgians Should Read. The author lectures widely on nature, community, agriculture, wildness, sustainability and the politics of wholeness. Forthcoming works include Drifting into Darien, a study of the Altamaha River, and a nonfiction book on open-pollinated seeds, The Seed Underground.
  2. Adventure Outings:  MCTGA hosted a series of hikes and a photography workshop lead by David Akubian, owner of Bear Woods Photography.  David has been working as a nature photographer for many years and has taught workshops with several different companies including the Great American Photography Weekends and the Showcase School. 
  3. Environmental Workshops:  Members of MCTGA participated in a hands on fish sampling workshop lead by Auburn University PhD. student C. Keith Ray.  Within Long Swamp Creek, participants collected, identified and released a wide variety of aquatic species, including three members of the darter family.  Ray is interested in the freshwater fauna of the Southeastern US. As a native of Georgia, he believes that working to understand the fauna of his home waters will help ensure its continued existence, as well as keep him active in the community in ways that are beneficial to all.

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